Pre-work is what makes individualized focus possible.  An initial call will help me understand what you want to get from the intensive.  You’ll complete a questionnaire and a set of online assessments, which will provide me with a deeper understanding of who you are and where you’re coming from.  If you’re not a current coaching client of mine, then I’ll schedule a second call after reviewing your pre-work, to ensure we’re both clear on your goals.

I’ve put a great deal of thought into selecting locations across the country that offer an environment conducive to finding fresh perspective. Each location has been selected for beautiful surroundings, peace in nature, and access to amenities and comforts that will allow you to refresh and re-energize. All locations provide access to healthy and nourishing meals, energizing activities, and ample space to rest and reflect.  Choosing the best location will be part of our pre-work – you won’t be disappointed.

Day One
We’ll start the morning with yoga, or your preferred morning exercise, then we’ll dive right in.  In Discovery, we’ll delve into your Intensive goals, questionnaire and assessment results to establish your current situation, the challenges you face, and your preferred approaches, patterns and defaults.  We’ll look at different models and frameworks to broaden your perspective and allow you to move beyond your current frame of reference.  A combination of coaching, practice, and time for reflection are carefully balanced to suit your preferred learning and working styles. You’ll be both challenged and supported.

Day Two
After morning exercise, we’ll move on to Planning.  We’ll work together on applying the insights, frameworks and tools we discovered on Day One to clarify the path toward your goals. In the afternoon, we’ll focus on Execution, and create an action plan for achieving your vision, identifying immediate next steps, and ways to stay accountable and on-course. The outcome of your EVOLVE Intensive is a vivid, exciting destination and a clear path to get you there.

Both days will allow for rest, rejuvenation and reflection.  Both the design of the Intensive and the serenity of the environment provide space to reflect, think outside the box, and confront the assumptions and misgivings you may hold about your path forward.

When you leave the EVOLVE Intensive, you’ll be re-energized, with clarity around your vision and purpose, and confident in your concrete next steps to reach your goals.

A few weeks after your Intensive, we’ll hold a follow-up call to review your progress.  This call invites you to identify any obstacles and answer any questions that have come up for you. It’s also designed to hold you accountable for continuing to move forward. Continued executive coaching, tailored to support you in your path toward your goals, is available and we can discuss whether that’s something that interests you.

Contact me to discuss whether EVOLVE is right for you:

Your Clear Path After Evolve
It’s amazing how far you can see when you allow yourself to take a step back, examine your path and envision your future. The EVOLVE Intensive provides you with a singular chance to rest and reflect, gather the tools and guidance to discover and strengthen the whole you.

Schedule your EVOLVE Intensive to gain:

  • A stronger connection to those things that are important and meaningful to you
  • Deeper knowledge of what you want to achieve for yourself
  • Insight into beliefs and habits that hold you back, and the tools to get past them
  • Frameworks that will help you identify opportunities for moving forward
  • A customized map to help guide you toward your goals
  • A set of immediate next steps to start you on your path
  • The energy and confidence to move forward on your path
  • A new and powerful perspective on you, your truth, and your way forward

Orla supported me during a difficult period of professional transition. She had a tremendous impact through helping me learn from challenges I faced and become a stronger leader as a result. Orla is very effective of supporting you as a ‘whole person’, truly coaching people to help in personal and professional circumstances. Her impact therefore will range anywhere from ‘extremely useful’ to ‘life changing’, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.”

Design your own path… a path that rewards both the inner and outer you.