Time Away to Find Focus, Ease and Fulfillment

The Evolve intensive is about getting clear and moving forward. It’s two days of private, personalized, guided work… to clear your path ahead.

Because, really…

When was the last time you stopped long enough to clear your head and think about the journey you’re on?

Is this the journey you had imagined for yourself? Even if it matches, or exceeds, your expectations, is it the right journey? Are you stretching every part of who you can be?

Distinguish those things that move you toward your goals from those things that seem urgent but are really just distractions. If you define a realistic purpose early on and execute your strategy flexibly, you will wind up leading a purposeful life.” – David Brooks, The Road to Character

Every day you fight the good fight. You shoulder the multitude of responsibilities you have willingly taken on: family, work, leadership, community. You work hard towards greater security, success and accomplishment. You push yourself every day to be more, achieve more, deliver more.

It’s common for high-achievers to get caught in a cycle of busyness.
They find themselves overcommitted, juggling responsibilities, with the stress mounting.

Sound about right? And the more you achieve, the busier you get, the more life expects of you, and the more you expect of yourself.

What am I missing?”

Even when you love what you do, there may be times when you wonder if you’re on the right path. Maybe there’s another way? What if you’ve achieved more than you ever thought you would, and wonder, what’s next? You may wonder if you’ve lost your inner compass while meeting the demands of the outer world.

Orla’s approach, challenged me to better recognize the environment I was working in, understand the reasons behind certain behaviors of both myself and my co-workers, and most importantly help me recognize how to use different approaches as situations dictated in order to bring out the best in not only myself but in others.”

Why Men?
In my extensive experience working with both men and women, I’ve seen a lack of opportunity for men to find time for reflection, imagining and planning. Women absolutely need this dedicated time as much as men do, but women are more often encouraged to find ‘thinking time’; there are far more retreats and resources designed for women. Men aren’t expressly encouraged to take time to step back and assess; when it becomes a necessity, they often can’t find the right forum – or any forum – to do so. I’ve directed my research and experience to design a curriculum that allows men, specifically, to engage in reflective, new and inspired thinking. This forum is thoughtful yet pragmatic, challenging yet supportive, and unfolds in a safe and peaceful environment.

Work without noise, without chaos.
Evolve with intention.

The EVOLVE Intensive offers you the opportunity to step away from the noise and chaos of your everyday life to listen to yourself think. We protect the time and the peace necessary to set strong intentions.

  • Clarify your goals
  • Imagine new, and more, possibilities
  • Talk through your ideas
  • Gain insights about yourself
  • Challenge old ways of thinking
  • Design your path forward

The EVOLVE intensive is customized for You. Your program is designed to meet the challenges you face and set you up to achieve your vision for your future.  The content and flow are structured to match your preferred styles for learning and working.  Both the program design and the environment are tailored to be deeply supportive and professional, creating a safe space within which you can explore what really matters to you.

We will follow a model of: Discovery, Planning, Execution.  Within that core model, the content of the program will be customized to focus on your particular needs and circumstances.

Who gets the most out of the EVOLVE Intensive?
This experience has been designed for you, if you’ve ever experienced:

  • A yearning to step back, reflect on where you are on your journey, and become intentional about your way forward
  • A niggling need to slow down and remember what’s truly important to you
  • A call to re-examine your Why, What has gotten you to this point, and Where to go next
  • Feeling stuck or out of sync, but unsure of what it is you need to change, do or become
  • Arriving at a crossroads in your life, and a desire to be thoughtful about where to go from here

Joy is not produced because others praise you. Joy emanates unbidden and unforced. Joy comes as a gift when you least expect it. At those fleeting moments you know why you were put here and what truth you serve… Those moments are the blessings and the signs of a beautiful life.” – David Brooks, The Road to Character

Your EVOLVE Intensive Coach and Partner
With more than 20 years of experience working with C-Suite leaders and executives, Orla designed this retreat to be most effective for intelligent, career-conscious, high-achieving men. It protects two full days for you to focus on your current reality, your goals, your stumbling blocks, and your next steps.  Orla will both challenge you and inspire you to think bigger, more holistically and more intentionally about your journey.  You’ll leave the Intensive with new insights, greater awareness of what’s possible for you, and concrete action steps to get there.

Orla has the innate ability to ask the right question, at the right time, in a way which really makes one think about what is working well and what was not but most importantly she helps explain the reasons why.”

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