Great leaders set the tone for great teams.

They inspire and motivate, mentor and train, notice and resolve challenges quickly, and achieve great results without micro-managing. A great leader of a great team helps every team member be their own kind of great.

Not all teams start out being great. Not all leaders know how to help. And not all team-building approaches will work with your team. You may have specific team dynamics, interpersonal conflicts, or, simply, systems in place that make it challenging for your team to function at its very best.

Working Together at Peak Performance

Bringing in an expert team facilitator will transform your team’s performance by:

  • Giving all team members a chance to be heard equitably
  • Facilitating conversations for safe and productive discussion
  • Clarifying goals and unifying objectives
  • Bringing new perspective
  • Recognizing individual strengths and aligning them to fulfilling roles

Without sharing proprietary information, she provided guidance and structure around teambuilding and cultural development for my executive leadership team, which was instrumental in significantly enhancing the immediate effectiveness of the organization, and building a foundation for sustainable advancement and growth of both the individuals as leaders, and the business itself.”

Whether you have a new team, or an existing team that needs to become more aligned, Orla will partner with you.  For a single strategy meeting or an ongoing program, Orla will partner with you to design an approach that brings your team along a path, together, to reach your destination. Orla’s positive energy, calm strength, and extensive experience working with teams diffuses tension and immediately allows your team to get down to powerful work.


  • Improved dynamics, acceptance of interpersonal differences
  • A stronger foundation built on deep trust and respect
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Reduced conflict and negativity
  • A greater sense of purpose at the individual level

Orla facilitated our Leadership Team and it was incredible. In one day, we got to the heart of things we had up to that point avoided or felt we couldn’t surface. I am so grateful and think that this could be a whole new start for our team.”