Leadership is not a skill – it’s many skills.

And the best leaders are those that an organization invests in.  They may come up through the ranks, bringing a deep understanding of how the business works from the ground up, or they may come in from the outside, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas.

No matter where their path began, every leader is on a journey of growth and development.  But all too often, an organization’s most talented people are thrust into the responsibilities of leadership with little preparation or guidance.

Turning Managers into Leaders

Investing in leadership development supports managers at all levels, from future leaders to experienced executive teams, with critical skill:

  • Communicating powerfully to all levels of the organization – up, down and across
  • Constructively managing conflict and difficult conversations
  • Creating employee engagement with effective feedback and motivation
  • Developing people as coach and mentor
  • Leading for the entire organization through collaboration

Our company’s rapid growth meant that I suddenly had the opportunity to lead my own team. I know how much difference having a good manager makes for someone, but I didn’t even know where to start. Orla’s leadership workshop gave me the confidence to accept the challenge of this next stage of my career.”

Orla will work with your organization to evaluate your leadership requirements and develop a program to deliver the results that matter.  Whether you have an experienced executive team that needs to move to the next level, or a cadre of new managers who need the fundamentals of leadership, Orla will provide a customized program that focuses on what’s important to you.


  • Leaders who move out of silos and work together strategically
  • Increased employee engagement and reduced turnover
  • Empowering new managers to let go of individual responsibilities and lead
  • Leadership teams who appreciate and respect each other’s strengths
  • Leaders who can scale to take on more levels of responsibility

We expected Orla to teach us some skills for better communication and delegation.  What we got was so much more.  After years of working together as colleagues, we realized for the first time that we were part of a leadership team.  It’s not exaggerating to say that, in one day, Orla fundamentally changed the way we relate to each other to lead the organization.  I can’t wait for our next workshop!”