One-to-One Coaching

A new role. More responsibility. Higher targets. Bigger goals.

These are wonderful opportunities to use your unique strengths, work with drive and purpose, and inspire the people around you.

These are also occasions that push you out of your comfort zone, may demand new tools and skills you’ve yet to master, and challenge you to look at things differently.

Make the Most of Opportunity

Executive coaching supports high performers in their professional growth by:

  • Listening closely to clarify obstacles and goals
  • Challenging limiting beliefs and harmful patterns
  • Providing proven tools, leading-edge methodologies and best practices for self-management and people-management
  • Establishing accountability so the important work gets done
  • Seeing the best in you, even when you can’t see it clearly yourself

Orla supported me during a difficult period of professional transition. She had a tremendous impact through helping me learn from challenges I faced, and becoming a stronger leader as a result.”

Trust and compatibility are cornerstones of the client-coach partnership. Orla’s approach includes challenging the thinking that’s holding you back, asking powerful questions that bring new perspective, and a refreshing practicality that allows her clients to grow and thrive within existing systems.


  • Enhanced appreciation for one’s own strengths
  • Greater authenticity in relationships, at work and at home
  • Overcoming blind spots; ending self-sabotages
  • Greater confidence; stronger leadership
  • More peace and ease in all areas of life

As my personal executive coach, she helped me navigate through a new and complex organization and culture, develop a leadership style that leveraged my personal strengths with specific approaches that were effective with the unique nuances of that corporate environment, which allowed me to achieve traction and strong success at a pace that, simply put, would not have been achievable without her support. Her personal style, her technical expertise, and her work ethic simply put her at the very top of any consultants or executive coaches I have encountered in my 35 plus years in business. I would recommend Orla without reservation, and with strong admiration.”